Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Temple Beth Am is a diverse and inclusive Reform Congregation where our members pursue a continuing journey of Jewish growth. We are guided by the history and traditions of the Jewish people as we encounter and embrace the challenges of the modern world.

Our Core Values

Our values and our worship reflect a commitment to the ideals embraced by the Reform tradition.

  • We seek to explore the insights of our Jewish tradition as we experience life’s joys and challenges, deepening our ties to our families, friends, and community.
  • We gather in worship that is accessible and embracing of our different spiritual paths, rooted in Jewish tradition and enriched with contemporary prayer, music, and teaching.
  • We endeavor to treat all who interact with and within our community, inclusive of our education and operations staff and vendors, with respect and decency.
  • In keeping with the historic, progressive expression of Reform Judaism in America, we welcome all who are seeking to experience Judaism’s universal spiritual ideals and traditions, regardless of religious background, with a special outreach to interfaith and inter-racial families, people with disabilities and the LGBT community.
  • We strive to respond to the ethical mandate of our teachings through our service to a diverse set of disadvantaged communities and people in need.
  • We see ourselves not only as a synagogue in MetroWest, but also as a part of k’lal Yisrael, the “whole of Israel,” and we celebrate our role as a part of the greater Jewish people.
  • The core values we uphold at Temple Beth Am define our behavior and guide our decisions as we grow and develop as individuals and as a synagogue for the community.

Our Vision

We will strengthen, inspire and engage our diverse community. We endeavor to continue balancing the riches of time-honored traditions and innovative interpretations of text, prayer and song that will help carry us into the future, addressing ever-evolving modern challenges. We will remain a progressive center for Jewish life where everyone is welcome and considered a valued part of our spiritual and social community. TBA will continue to embrace and support all members during their times of joy and struggle.

We seek to continue to be committed to our membership at all life stages, to emphasize the beauty of Jewish music and education and to invest in our well-respected youth choir, religious school and youth group where the foundations of Judaism are taught and experienced.

We encourage participation in prayer, life-long Jewish learning and social justice within a compassionate community. All are welcome here, as we strive to be relevant in the lives of our members and in the community around us and experience the richness and joy of Jewish life.