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Framingham, MA



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The Reform Jewish Synagogue and Congregation of Framingham Massachusetts serving the Boston Metrowest area.

Temple Beth Am, "The House Of The People", is known as the center of progressive Jewish life, community, and worship in the Framingham and MetroWest area.

Our congregation is composed of a diverse population, including many interfaith couples, and those new to the Boston/MetroWest area. Many of our members have settled here from other parts of the country, and they are comforted to find a congregation in which connections are easily made and a surrogate family soon takes root.

Temple Beth Am benefits from an egalitarian spirit, and enjoys a reputation as a vibrant congregation dedicated to the principles of modern Reform Judaism. We encourage you to take a journey through our website to learn more about Beth Am.

Contact us links are placed throughout this website and we genuinely hope that you will allow us to provide more information about Beth Am.

300 Pleasant Street
Framingham, MA 01701
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